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Awaken Curiosity

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Mardi Long

July 10, 2022

CURIOSITY! Webster provides this related word: wonderment. And defines wonderment as “the rapt attention and deep emotion caused by the sight of something extraordinary.” Or I would say even the desire to find something extraordinary. You think?   

Of course, there is the flip side to curiosity. For that Webster provides: intrusive and meddlesome. His primary definition is “desire to know” followed by “a. inquisitive interest in others’ concerns: Nosiness” and “b. interest leading to inquiry //intellectual curiosity.” Quite a contrast! One positive and one negative.

It has been my observation that if we follow the positive side of curiosity a whole new world can open up for us. I believe that the positive side of curiosity keeps us seeking and finding truth! This can be applied to science, relationships, and spirituality.

Back to wonderment or wonder. Webster’s primary definition for wonder: “a cause of astonishment or admiration: MARVEL.” The challenge is to wade through all of the non-stop information we are flooded with every day. Here is my final thought from the end of my book It Is Always NOW!:

“The important thing is to never completely dismiss a new idea or concept at the first glance. But also do not accept it at face value without careful consideration. Almost always here is some “truth” in it. Evaluate all new information carefully. That is what it means to “wonder wisely.”