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I Have a Rock

I Have a Rock Cover Image

Mardi Long

October 8, 2022

Yes, a little rock that fits in the palm of my hand. Engraved on it is the word "imagine." No idea where I found it. In some airport gift shop no doubt. The years that I traveled extensively for my career I entered a lot of airport gift shops.

The point is that I have kept this as a  little "momento" [a reminder of something.] It has gone with me when I have moved and taken up space on my desk. But, I had not really looked at it for years. All of a sudden it jumped out at me. It means even more to me now.  I was reminded that I have re-imagined myself over the last eight years. Leaving a life that was destroying me and rebuilding a life that supports and enriches me. Long story for another day.

Imagination is not to be underestimated. We each have one. We need to exercise it more and benefit from its powers. Let that imagination go wild. After all, you will never attain any higher goal than that which you set for yourself.  Erase the "I can't" and replace it with "I will never know unless I try."

Fear is the enemy here. The fear of failure. Fear of what others might think. Fear that it might not turn out to be what we expected it to be.

All I can say is - fight that fear!  

See my little video - A positive attitude will amplify your imagination! It starts with a "Moment of Happiness."