Life So Spectacular

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Mardi Long

You may not know who Andy Rooney is, but he used to provide the closing remarks each week for 60 Minutes. Sadly, Andy is no longer with us. But words live on. And Andy had many words of wisdom to share. Here is my favorite: 

"I have learned that it's those small, daily happenings that make life so spectacular."

Think of it like taking a picture. A mental picture that goes in your memory bank. When you take a picture with your phone/camera of something in a far distance, you miss out on detail. You see hundreds of trees or many buildings close together - each one blocking part of another. Not anything wrong with that. It just rather overwhelms your brain. 

But when you take a picture of a beautiful flower up close, you see the detail. The veins in the leaves, the subtle differences in the color of the pedals, the delicate stems. Or you take a close up picture of a child and capture the sparkle in the laughing eyes and the little strands of hair going in many directions. 

So it is when you make mental images of those special moments in your life. Years from now you may remember the smell of an apple your friend was peeling for a pie or the crunch of the first fall leaf that landed by your feet. Maybe you will still see that beautiful butterfly flitting from flower to flower in your garden or recall the joy, the feelings you shared with friends. 

Don't be dismissive of those moments. Stop and acknowledge them when they happen. Store them in your memory bank. Remember them when things are not going so well. And always be watching for the next one. 

Life does not get much better than that! You think?