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Nurture Your Inner Child

Nurture Your Inner Child Cover Image

Mardi Long

November 4, 2022

“Play is the highest form of research.” Einstein. 

You may or may not have children in your life. Most of us do one way or the other. Younger siblings, nieces, nephews, our own or maybe you are a teacher. Today’s children are learning more and faster than ever before. Especially when it comes to computerization. And that is not a bad thing. Computers are their future.

So in some ways, to Einstein’s point, while playing on computers, unafraid to push buttons and try anything, children are doing research – and learning.

But I think Einstein may have been thinking of it another way as well. If we really enjoy what we do and are passionate about it, we are, in essence, playing. And that when we learn and accomplish the most.

Children are so aware of and excited about the little things. They don’t have to “stop” and smell the roses – they just do it naturally without thinking about it. Some of us are actually embarrassed if we get a little too excited about such an inconsequencial thing as a rose. Or we tell ourselves we do not have time to smell a rose.

We talk and write about joy and happiness. Then we are reluctant, or afraid, or just do not quite know how to be joyful and happy. How sad.

So nurture your inner child. Make a point of letting go and really enjoying something new. Maybe go to Michaels and buy some paints and paint a picture. You don’t have to show it to anyone. Just have fun. Do some research.

In the honor of children and with Halloween almost here, I want to share a little video that a special 11-year-old who is part of my life made. She used Maker which I have been “playing” with. Yep!  She learned in 30 minutes what took me a week or so. The words are hers alone.

Another quote from 100 Ways To Keep Your Soul Alive by Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat. #31 “Act Out Your Dreams” by Michael Grosso in Soulmaker.

“Great dreams contain inexhaustible truths, and orient us, like runes, toward our futures. One hesitates to try to explain them; [like children] one wants to dance them, act them out in living gestures. The more we put ourselves into a great dream, the more we get back. Great dreams are wells that never run dry.”

Don’t you see? Dreams lure us into research and research makes our dreams come true!