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It is Always NOW!

by Mardi Long

January 2020 978-0-578-59844-4

24 pages, 2000 words, and inspirational images that preset a positive approach to personal discovery

The biggest obstacle to finding God? We make it too complicated! This book is written to remind you how easy it really is. Just open the door of your heart and invite Him in. He does the heavy lifting.

The challenge is keeping the door open. That is what this book offers. Ways the author has found to help keep the door open. 

N: Never give up. We are always a work-in-progress. We will fail. But NOW is always the time to get up and keep going.

O: Open the door to your mind and to your heart so you can awaken curiosity. It is curiosity that keeps us seeking and finding truth. Keep the doors open. This is what the 6 steps are about – how to keep the doors open. That is the key – the challenge.

W: Wonder Wisely. Do not dismiss a new concept at first glance. But also, do not accept it at face value. Carefully evaluate the whole message: Based on your personal belief system that will evolve as you keep this process going.

This is about finding Joy and Peace and Happiness. Call it “Moments of Happiness.” [Quote from 100 Ways to Keep your Soul Alive by Mary Ann and Frederic Brusset.] Life happens. We simply are not going to be “happy” 100% of the time. But the more “Moments of Happiness” we can find – the more balanced and meaningful our lives will become.

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What is Joy? A calm luminosity inside of you that lets you savor and interpret the life around you. And as you open the doors of your heart and mind, this feeling can become the food for your passion!

Slowly, you will put more things into perspective and learn how to open your mind and heart to new possibilities.... things that you never knew were even possible!

Do you ever look up in the sky at night and wonder what is up there?

The presence of God in our hearts and minds can change us: Yes, REINVENT a new us!

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