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Meditations - It Is Always NOW!

Mardi Long

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The Bibles speaks of meditation in many ways. Of course, we pray as we must.  But then we run out of the door and our busy lives take over. The Bible also tells us to wait. See Psalm 27:14, for example. We need to take time to let all of the thoughts that are swirling around come together in a meaningful  way. That is the purpose of meditation. And it is not easy. We have to make it happen. This book suggests an approach to help you do just that.


When you are hungry, you "feel the need to eat" - so you eat and that "need" goes away for a while....Your body let's you know! You do not have to put it on you "to do" list. This does not happen automatically for things like exercise or paying bills or starting each day in your secret garden. You have to make a conscience make new "pathways."

There is no need to spend a lot of money or rearrange your life completely. But, if you are creating your Secret Garden in your home, carve out a space and make it special.

When you get a cut on your finger, it heals one cell at a time.  There is no way to rush it. You can hinder the healing process by letting it get dirt in it. You may be able to facilitate the healing process by putting Neosporin and/or a band aid on it. It is the same with the healing of our soul. We can’t rush it. But we can support and encourage it. We do this by maintaining our focus on God, by daily seeking the Joy, by sharing.

There are times in everyone's journey when you feel alone or like a failure and you think it is only you. That is normal. That is being human. But, take heart. Here I share a few stories of others who have failed and got back up or had epiphanies that helped them. You are not alone.

Sometimes you need to talk to someone about a specific, difficult issue....This is not a sign of weakness! In fact, it can take a lot of courage. Pray about finding the support you need.

Hush my anxious soul, for you surely have nowhere to go. Except to the Light from above, that has wishes only to fill you with love.