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Study Guide for It Is Always NOW!

Mardi Long

January 2021 9798683431488


UPDATE:  The internal layout has been approved for republishing. It should not be long before this version of The Study Guide will be available.

So you have read It Is Always NOW! and you ask yourself, "Is that all?" You want to fill in the blanks?

Enter the Study Guide. Here we expand on each of the topics introduced in It Is Always NOW! Whether for personal growth or a group study, this book brings together thoughts from a variety of sources which (we hope) will awaken even more curiosity!


Words are important. Not in and of themselves. But because they do, over time, shape who you are: Because they trigger new insights and understandings. Think about it. One little word, used in the right way, at the right time and the right place, can cause an explosion of thought and understanding.... [p. 2]
Only we can “make” ourselves do something. That is free will. Knowledge alone does not save us from ourselves. We need strength from outside of ourselves to  do the things that really count.... [p. 7]
Think of a 1000 piece puzzle. The box provides a picture of the finished product. But it takes a long time to find and place each of the tiny pieces. Sometimes you want to walk away and forget it. But the potential of the feeling of the satisfaction of getting to the end drives you on. [p. 11]