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Very helpful in finding my better self and improved my faith with the help of this book. Kudos to the author. Thank you Mardi Long. Jake on Amazon

This special book is necessary now with all the upheaval in the world today.  It helps guide you on your journey of life in a gentle and positive way.  I refer to it often.    K. D. - Oregon

After getting your book, I have started reading one “step” at a time so I can “digest” it. These are great and I truly enjoy reading them! They also fit well with my other studying that I am doing.  Fay - Oregon

I love the little book, "It is Always Now" by Mardi Long.  Its inspiring message speaks directly to my heart and is the perfect size to have with me no matter where I am.  It is also going to be a great gift item!  H.-Texas

 It Is Always NOW, and the 6 steps outlined, helped me put my path into a simpler approach with achieving a better relationship with the Lord. Don’t wait! This book will help in your spiritual journey.  K. E. - Texas

I view “It Is Always Now” as Devotional nourishment for Start of day,  end of day and brief visits any time for “reboot”.  It flows as a beautiful guide for learning and understanding God’s path, finding comfort, growth and strength. The message easy to understand for beginner level spiritual search and for more contemporary levels. J - Texas 

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Official Review: It Is Always NOW! by Mardi Long

Post by Katie Canedy » 

[Following is an official review of "It Is Always NOW!" by Mardi Long.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Have you ever wanted to take a break from this fast-paced world? As humans, we have become used to information being readily available at our fingertips through digital devices. Mardi Long believes that each person needs to have their own belief system to slow down and achieve inner peace. Using this idea as a compass, the author wrote It Is Always NOW!, a book intended to show readers the author’s journey and encourage them to seek their own. Religious topics are discussed briefly in each chapter, including God's love, faith in God, and truth seeking.

What I enjoyed most about this book was each chapter's short length. Mardi is careful not to bombard readers with too much information; she gives them just enough to pique their curiosity. Each chapter is formatted like a daily devotional book for Christians. My favorite part of the book was the chapter on meditation in the Bible. The author's way of explaining its relationship with God was easy to understand, and I immediately started applying it in my life.

Bible verses are included in each chapter to support the author’s descriptions of the topics. With this in mind, this book would likely appeal to Christian readers who want simplified explanations of discovering what their personal beliefs are. It would also appeal to Christians interested in reading books that are short and easy to follow.

When I wrote my first review for this title, I was under the impression that the contents had flexibility regarding the order of steps. In this revised edition of the book, the author emphasized that the steps are to be read in order; skipping and returning to prior content is not recommended. Based on the changes in the book, completing the steps in order makes much more sense.

I am pleased to report that the author has reformatted the book and shifted the focus away from social media. There is mention of the digital world, but only to tell readers why the author wrote the book. The focal point of this book's edition is more fitting compared to the one before it.

While re-reviewing this book, I noticed only three errors at the end of the book; however, they were not a big deal and did not distract me from my reading experience. I am humbled to know that the author used the advice from my first review to make this book nearly flawless. There is nothing that I disliked about this book at all. It is with great enthusiasm that I rate It Is Always NOW! with 4 out of 4 stars. This book would be an excellent inclusion for a Christian’s daily devotional collection.